So you want to make Extra Money, Follow these steps and make money on Craigslist.

1.  Buy & Hold

Find a good deal on an item, buy it, bring it back to your home and re-post it for a Profit. This is Buy & Hold do not get discouraged if the item sits in your back room for a few weeks.

2.  Make money with side gigs

most people are not aware that there is a section on Craigslist where you can find Odd Side Jobs. These are people who need help and Armee willing to pay for it. Check it out now and start getting paid.

3.  Buy and Restore

When you restore an item to new and working condition you can charge new or working Price. Buy a appliance, perhaps a washer. If it’s broke they will most likely give it to you for free. Bring it home and attempt to fix it. With the power of the internet, there’s no limits to what you can accomplish. if you find it’s going to cost to much to fix you can Scrap it. Check Out This Blog For Scraping Metal.


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