Dog Breeding

In love with your dog? Do you want more? You might want to think about Dog Breeding. We did it and we love it, your bond for your furry friend will only grow. Whoever said you can’t buy happiness forgot about puppies. If you’ve never walked out in your yard and had 10 puppies chasing you around the yard, you need to try it. It’s not all full of furry love, there’s a lot of work involved with deciding to become a breeder. With hard work and determination you have the ability to make great extra income. 3-4 dogs will easily replace your $30’000 dollar job income and you could be a stay at home mom. Want to get started? read below for our tips.

Deciding On What Dog Breed

Deciding on what breed can be very difficult. There are pro’s and con’s to all breeds. If you have a breed your in love with already that’s great! However, not all breeds are a good Side Job Ideas business for Dog Breeding. After you choose a breed you will want to learn as much as possible about it.

Small Breed Dogs

Lets start with small breeds dogs like a Shih Tzu, everyone loves them, there adorable and easy to sell. They take up very little room and chances of them giving a deadly bite our practically zero. On the downside they average only 2-5 puppies every litter and often have more pregnancy issues than larger dogs. sell for a price of $750 and up registered with the A.K.C (American Kennel Club).

Medium Breed Dogs

A good example of a medium breed dog would be a Bulldog. This breed is very popular and a superb dog to breed. They have a height of 12 – 16 inches and weight 45 – 55 pounds. Litter size varies from 3 to 13 puppies. Average price of puppy is $750 to $4000 registered with the A.K.C.

Large Breed Dogs

Top pick for us under Large Breed Dogs goes to the German Shepherd dog.

There average height is between 22-26″ and weight between 45 – 90 pounds. There average litter is between 3 – 13 puppies, price from $500 to $10’000. This breed is our Top Choice and pick for dog breeding.

  • German Shepherd-$500 to $20,000
  • Lab-$500- $10,000
  • Rottweiler-$500 to 10,000
  • American Bully-$500 to $15,000
  • Tibetan Mastiff-$500 to $20,000
  • Irish Wolfhound-$500 to $3,000
  • Samoyed-$500 to $14,000

Picking a Breeder

The easier way to pick a dog breeder is to go on Here you will find Top Breeders like, who are all A.K.C registered. To have a puppy registered A.K.C it must be pure breed. A purebred dog will have ancestors derive over many generations from there recognized breed.

You must pick 2 different breeders to pick your male and female from so there is no inbreeding.

The long Wait

Enjoy your new furry friends and train them well. Male and female should be at least 2 years old to breed. After the age of 2 it is recommended if they are large dogs to have there hips and elbows certified. This can only be done after the age of 2 years old.  Dog Breeding is not a quick way to earn money.  It takes time and patience to set things up properly.



  • Excellent
  • Good
  • Fair
  • Borderline
  • Mild
  • Moderate
  • Severe

After a dog passes this test it’s time to breed!!


Females can go into heat as early as 10 months old. Males are able to get them pregnant at this time if there above the age of 8 months old, so it is important to watch for bleeding and odd behavior. If your female starts to show these signs you should keep them separated or watch them closely. Females that are impregnated to early can have growth stunts and possible pregnancy problems. They will have a lower quantity of puppies as well.

Where Do I Get The Puppy Shots

Be sure to have all shots up to date for dame and sire this can impact fertility as well. Shots can easily be administered at home. Tractor supply stores sell the first 5-way distemper vaccine the puppies will receive at 6 weeks old. You can also purchase the following 9-way booster due at 9 weeks and the 10-way destemper vaccine due at 16 weeks are also sold at your local Tractor supply store. Rabies vaccination is to not sold in stores that must be done by your veterinarian.

Easiest Way To Administer The Shots

If your planning to do your own vaccines and de worming here are some tips; when applying the the syringe make sure the tip is on tightly. I suggest getting a spoonful of peanut butter to occupy the puppy while receiving the shot. The easiest way to administer the shot is pulling the skin at the neck into a v shape and inserting the needle into the v. This is a good spot because there is a lot of loose skin.

DE-Worming Your Puppies

Be sure to de worm your puppies and dame at 2,3,4,6, & 8 wk old. De wormer can also be purchased at Tractor Supply. Directions are on the box.

Dog Breeding Time

Both male and female our over the age of 2 and have there hip and elbows certified if large breed. Now its time to wait for the female to go into heat. Heat cycles are every 4 to 6 months, once in heat the female will start to bleed and you may even see drops of blood on the floor. You will also notice your male acting excited followed by him smelling and licking the females privates. A week after bleeding starts the female will be ready to mate, this could happen only once if there inexperienced and a few times a day for a week if their experienced.

It is important to mark this date on the calendar, for this is the start of the gestation period. 59 to 65 days from the date they first locked is the date your puppies will be conceived .

Supplies Needed Before Day Of Delivery

Whelping Box

Your first step will be to make or buy a Whelping box. Whelping box’s are also know as a whelping pen or nesting box they are designed to protect the puppies during birth and while there small. It is a good idea to have a lip on the bottom inside of the whelping box to prevent the mother from smothering one of the puppies. When there is a large litter this can happen very easily. If your in a rush a $12 plastic kid pool will work great for the birthing.

Where To Put My Whelping Box

The whelping box needs to be in a warm area that is not in your living area. There will be a lot feces and pee in the whelping box, the mom will try and clean a lot of this by licking it up herself. This is not the best hygiene for your female and you will need to keep up on this and clean your whelping twice a day. Another big issue with keeping your welping box clean is it will 10x your worm issues if it is not.

Can Humans Get Worms From Dogs

YES!!! Dog Breeding can be fun, however you can easily get worms from your if your whelping box is sitting in your living room or kitchen living area. It is important to wash your hands before and after touching the puppies for your safety and the puppies safety. Do not let kids enter the whelping box, this can be a difficult thing to stop if it’s inside your living area. Humans can get Tapeworms, Pin-worms and more from there litters if not careful. If your stomach is upset after the litter and you want to be extra safe we recommend Reese’s Pin-worm Medicine.

The Heat Lamp

A Heat lamp is a must have, have a basket ready and a heat lamp pointed at the basket to keep a solid 80 degree temperature.

How To Use The Nose Syringe

The next thing you will need will be a infant baby ear and nose syringe sucker also called a bulb syringe. This is a absolute must, There can be puppies that have to much liquid in their lungs and breathing passage way will be blocked. If this happens you will only have minutes to save the puppy.

Delivery day

It’s day 58 and your female is starting to nest. She goes outside under the kid’s trampoline and starts digging and scraping the dirt trying to make a nest for her babies. This is a sure sign delivery day is soon but not today always. Be prepared and ready for the delivery of your puppies. Your female’s dog’s temperature should drop below 100 degrees 24 hours before delivery when this happens you know your close.

Puppy Not Breathing, Snot Bubbles From Nose

To do this you will want to take the bulb syringe and fully depress it, this is very important. by not fully depressing it you could possible push the fluid back into the puppies airway. Having the bulb syringe fully depress you will need to suck all the liquid out of the puppies mouth and repeat the process until its clear. After you cleared the mouth you need to suck each nostril clear. You will then need to lean the puppy at a 45 degree angle with it’s head toward the ground so the liquid can drain out.

The accordion method

While holding the puppy at a 45 degree angle there is a accordion method where you stretch the puppy back like a backwards crab walk then scrunching him into a downward dog position. if you still do not see improvement, gently swing them threw your legs to try and put force on exerting the liquid out of the lungs.

Still Born

Often in larger litters like the German shepherd breed there will usually be a puppy that doesn’t survive. They can get crushed inside the dame and be still born. Sometimes, if the still born puppy is the first to be born the puppy will not monaural threw the canal therefore the dame wont be able to proceed with labor and will need to be rushed to the veterinarian for an emergency c-section.

Two major red flags

that dame is not able to deliver puppies on her own and is in danger for her own life is if her temp goes above 102 degrees Fahrenheit and/or she has any color discharge that has a foul smell! Dame could also need a c-section because the puppy is too large for the Dame’s canal. Do not wait to long to call for help for there is an emergency vet open 24/7. This could save the whole litter and the dames life.

Fading Puppy Syndrome

Another problem you can face is fading puppy syndrome. There unfortunately is nothing you can do for this situation other than remove it from mom once it has passed. Female dogs tend to just naturally know what to do when it comes to giving birth and feeding and raising pups. But to insure everything goes smoothly give them a little help especially when they have large litters it can start to get messy and frantic. So help pat the puppies dry and keep them close together so mom does not step on them while in labor. This is when the towels come handy. when mom pushes puppy out and chews off the sac and cord there is a lot of blood. Most dames do not mind owner being in whelping pin helping.

Puppies There First Two Weeks

The first 2 weeks is the most crucial time with Dog Breeding. It is a must to help the mom and watch over the puppies as much as possible for this time period. The mom can get overwhelmed and accidentally lay on a puppy and take it’s life. You will have small skinny puppies and large fat puppies. You will need to help the small skinny puppies to there mamas nipples to make sure they survive.

Puppies Three To Four Weeks Old

Once your puppies have made it to this stage there’s a very good chance they will survive. There mom will be trying to wein them from her in this stage because they will start to hurt her. You can now start to feed your puppy wet food if you choose too.

Puppies Five to Six Weeks Old

This is the bust time for the breeder, there will be lots of messes to clean up and things will get crazy fun. Puppies at this stage will start to show there character. Grumpy, Happy, Sleepy, Bashful, Sneezy, Dopey and ALPA. They will play hard and some may play to hard so be there to break it up. There ears are fragile and you want them to stand up asap.

Puppies Seven To Eight Weeks Old

Let them outside as much as you can. Your puppies need lots of room now to play and run, and do there business. Depending on what state you live in puppies can start to go to there new owners now. Some states have a mandatory age requirements of 8 weeks before the puppy is aloud to leave its mother. Your puppies should be well weined off there mother by this stage.

Writing A Dog Breeding Contract With A Bill Of Sale

Make sure you have a contract with each puppy. This will save you in the long run. You may get some people that thought they were ready for a puppy, there not and decide to bring the puppy back. Most breeders require a $200 none refundable deposit for each puppy and do not give that back if they agree to take the puppy back.  This is the cost of Dog Breeding.

2 week old puppies

German Shepherd Puppies